HEart by Cc

An artist heart. Saved by GRACE. Inspired by HIS heart.

It all begins with a dream.

From an early age, my family instilled in me a joy for creating something with my own hands. My grandmother was an artist who lovingly begun giving me art lessons when I was three years old. My mother was always creating something, and is a master quilter. I come from "CREATIVE" people, so it wasn't strange that I too wanted to create things. What these "CREATIVE" women in my life taught me, was that I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up, and that gave me confidence at a very young age. By the age of four I was drawing everything that I saw. Whatever I could see, I drew. I was a dreamer. I knew that I wanted to create art that made people smile. I knew that if I dreamed it, I could do it. I believe that still. I remember walking through Hallmark as a child, wishing I could draw things, that people would buy and give to their loved ones. My artist inspiration as a child was Flavia Weeden, and it still is today.

As a teenager I relished my time in art class, and spent my free time painting on my bedroom furniture and doodling all over every book I touched. I knew with every ounce of my soul that I wanted to be an artist. But as with all hopes & dreams I allowed time and life to take over. Before I knew it I was married to my high school sweetheart, and a mom to three young boys. I had completely forgotten what I wanted in life. Through years of self searching for a purpose, I found my salvation in the abounding Grace of Jesus. My process of self discovery through my faith brought me to wondering if those "Artist dreams" I had all of my life were more than just dreams? Were they planted in my heart from God, who had created me purposefully to put them into action? And even though it had been eight years since I drew anything, I picked up a pen and started to doodle. And what poured out was all this whimsical dreamy stuff. So I kept drawing, spending each day in prayer as my pen moved along the pages of my art journal. I started to wonder, what was the purpose in all these doodles?  "What would HE have me do with my ART?" is what I asked one morning in prayer, and then it happened. HEart by Cc was born.  

Today I have a recognizable brand of paper & stationary goods, print illustrations, original art pieces on wood and 3 D art. You can catch a glimpse of my everyday life and work on instagram @heart_by_cc where I share my art and my heart with over twenty thousand followers who lovingly support my dreams of being an artist. Grab a cup of tea and join me over on Instagram.