HEart by Cc

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't seem to find any listings for some of your art?

HEart by Cc list original art pieces in sold weekly in Wednesday (6pm pst) restocks. The restocks and items that will be available are advertised on Instagram and the listings go live at the sale date and time. If you've come to the shop and have not found any of the original art pieces, that means they have already sold out. They tend to go fast, so we suggest that you follow us on Instagram at heart_by_cc for the latest updates on when our restock sales will be and set your alarm to come by the store and purchase it then. You can check @heart_by_cc_shop on Instagram on Wednesdays for previews of sale items for that day's restock.

International Orders

At this time we do not accept international orders through our website. I know this is disappointing so we have offered this solution. International customers can place a custom order request for prints, custom art piece by emailing us heartbycc@yahoo.com with what they want. If you are wanting an art original, you will be placed on a wait list and once we complete it we can contact you for payment. If you want to order prints, please email us with the prints you would like and we will contact you with an invoice. Sorry this does not apply for our heavier items, pixel HEarts, or DIY kits. Those are not available for international purchase. Thank you for understanding.

Why is shipping so much on some of the pieces?

We wish that shipping prices were less than they are. But on some of the pieces which are made of wood, the shipping prices are the cheapest they can be. In the case of our Pixel HEarts which are shipped priority USPS mail in the large box. There is little that we can do to make shipping cheaper as each piece must ship alone for the protection of the piece. However if you purchase a piece and the shipping turns out to be less that expected, you will received a shipping refund after the item is shipped. This also goes if you have purchased multiple items that we are able to combine shipping for.

I keep missing the restock sales, can I just order one/ Can I order a custom piece?

UPDATE: as of 3/2016 I am not accepting new custom order request via email to be added to the wait list. We have received so many and our wait list is just too long. Check back soon, hopefully they will open up again soon! If you are an international buyer, please still email to be added since our website does not have international check out we will work with you on this. Thank you.

I understand that this is frustrating! I will at times open us custom slots for orders. I recommend always taking of photo of a piece that you like and emailing me. I will add you to a wait list and when I have an opening I will contact you. Be sure to include a photo of the piece you are interested in, and your contact information.  Please email me at heartbycc@yahoo.com. Please note that when time does open up I will contact you by email, however if I do not hear back from you within the time period I am doing customs,  I will move on to the next name on the wait list and you'll be contacted again the next time there is an opening. Thank you for understanding.

During the RESTOCK SALE, I added an item to my cart but when I went to check out it said the item was sold, what happened?

The cart system is just like all online stores. You can place an item in your cart, but if someone "checks out" faster than you, they have purchased the item first. I recommend that you put the desired item in your cart and move to check out quickly. You can always go back and order more. Shipping will be combined and a shipping refund given if you have more than one order, whenever possible.

Do you accept PayPal at check out?

We accept all major credit cards, including the PayPal Debit cards. However PayPal direct is not an option. Please be sure to have your credit card ready at check out.

I purchased a custom Pixel HEart spot, now what?

If you were able to purchase a custom PIXEL HEart spot, I will contact you shortly to figure out what colors you would like. Custom PIXEL HEarts take 10-20 days from the time of contact to be finished and shipped. I will always do my best to get the HEart out to you quickly after it is finished. PIXEL Customs can be based off of previously sold HEarts, or can be a combination of 8-10 chosen colors by you. Please note I have the right to approve the colors and patterns, and I also hold the right to refuse a custom order should I not be able to do it. If that is the case, you will be refunded.

If you still have a question, please contact the HEart by Cc team at heartbycc@yahoo.com. Thank you